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saxophone, flute, & clarinet performance, and education

my approach to music

My approach to education has been honed with over 20 years of experience working in classrooms, small group settings, and in one-to-one lessons. I teach saxophone, flute, and clarinet and specialize in saxophone improvisation.

I believe that progression on any instrument is achieved best through repetitive discipline. My approach has enabled my students to be consistently accepted and seated high in regional honor bands (classical and jazz) over many consecutive years, and in a variety of school districts (both in and out of state). My students have also placed high in competitive programs like the Stanford Jazz Workshop and the Colburn School and have been accepted as music majors at the University of North Texas (UNT), and CSUN.

I am passionate about education, and I teach students of all ages and levels, from beginners to professionals. I am available for master classes, private lessons/mentorship and coaching—in-person and remotely. 

The great flutist Julius Baker once said that every great musician must be studying with somebody, be in a large ensemble, be in a small ensemble and be teaching somebody themselves. After the student’s own motivation, a private teacher is the most important element in a student’s progression in music. 

Learn more about my approach to learning, below.

learning pedagogy

My learning pedagogy is similar for all students, across all ages. While I prefer starting students around fifth grade (or age 10), I have had success with youth and adult students at all ages.  

Elementary School Students

For elementary school students, my timeline for progression is as follows: 

Elementary School - sound production, technique, phrasing, scales, rhythmic independence, junior high level sight reading/playing ability, and audition preparation. 

Junior High School- extended sound exercises/techniques,  more advanced scale exercises, increased rhythmic independence, high school level sight reading/playing ability. Jazz Phrasing and  introduction to Jazz Theory/Improvisation if desired/applicable. Audition preparation. 

High School - Knowing the differences between Classical and Jazz phrasing and sight reading.  Mouthpiece/Instrument/gear upgrade consultations, reed prep and maintanence.  Advanced improvisation techniques, solo transcriptions if desired/applicable.  College audition coaching, Philosophical discussions of how music parallels life, heart to heart discussions of the music industry.

Older Students

For Junior High, High School, and adult students, I assess where the student is, fill in any gaps in their knowledge and move forward with the above mentioned timeline, at the student’s own pace.

how to Contact me

If you are interested in lessons, please email me at ianlevo@gmail.com.

student showcase

The videos below highlight the musical progression of some of my current (and former) students.